Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Marketing Management a Scientific or Artistic Exercise?

In today’s modern society, marketing occurs in each individual’s daily activities either knowingly or unknowingly. It is embedded in the task we perform everyday; from the time we take our breakfast, to the billboards we see while driving to work along the highway, to the Web sites we click on. “Marketing is everywhere. Good marketing has become an increasing vital ingredient for business success” (Kotler et al. 2009, p. 3). Firstly, this article and its discussion content will introduce and define marketing management which is the core subject matter. The discussion will then show some examples and support for the science approach followed by some examples and support for the artistic approach. The author will then provide further evidence and arguments to support his stance that marketing management is a scientific or artistic exercise.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Executive summary
Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry (1985) developed a conceptual framework called the “GAPS model”. The primary thesis of this model is that the service quality shortfall (i.e. GAP 5, the gap between customers’ service expectations and perceptions) is a result of a series of shortfalls within the service provider’s organization (i.e. GAPS 1-4). Thus, improving the quality of service experienced by customers (i.e. GAP 5) requires diagnosing the causes and correcting the internal deficiencies (i.e GAP 1-4).
A service quality audit was conducted for Aphalodge Hotel based on the conceptual GAPS Model of Service quality. A sample of the result is shown in Appendix 2 of this report. The scope covers a sample size of ten respondents (employees). The purpose of the Service Quality Audit is to identify any service deficiencies in Aphalodge Hotels’ services by applying the results to the Gaps Model of Service Quality and then analyzing them. The respondents had to fill in questionnaires comprising of 31 questions covering the five GAPS (i.e GAP 5, and GAP 1-4). The objectives of the report are then to analyse the Customer Gap (GAP 5); one of the Provider Gap (GAP 1-4); and to recommend effective strategies for implementation to close two of the Provider Gap (GAP 1-4).
Findings for GAP 5, showed that the perception was lower than expectation which means customer is dissatisfied with the service level. Aphalodge has a reasonable understanding of customer expectations but not the customer perception of service.
Findings also show that for closing the “listening gap” (Gap 1): Aphalodge have some form of mechanisms in place for channelling feedback from front-line staff to management; management have some direct contact with users; and management at least occasionally perform customer-contact roles.
Aphalodge in closing the “service design and standards gap” (Gap 2): management are quick to dismiss user expectations as unrealistic or unreasonable; have an informal, non-continuous process for setting service specifications; and performance-evaluation criteria do not take “input” and “efficiency” type measures. Improvements have to be made here.
In closing the “service performance gap” (Gap 3): Aphalodge have reasonable support for front-line staff with reasonable technology and information systems; does provide adequate training to front-line staff; recognize and take steps to reduce potential role stress among front-line staff.
In closing the “communications gap” (Gap 4): mechanisms are in place to encourage communication across different functional areas; do communicate to customers about what will be provided to them; do scrutinize all external communication intended for users to prevent over-promising; and are careful to price their service so as not to raised customer expectations.
The report critically analysed in detail the strategy of Aphalodge for closing Gap 2. The report also recommended two strategies to close Gap 1, and Gap 3. In closing Gap 1, it is recommended to have effective service recovery efforts and plan for service failures. It is also recommended to have good customer relationship and to provide service guarantees. For closing Gap 3, Aphalodge is recommended to implement human resource policies strategy. This strategy is focused on the importance of effectively recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and empowering employees. It is also to ensure that service quality delivery is consistent across employees, teams and units. Finally, the report includes the implementation plan to activate these two strategies.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anil Kapoor to star in Mission: Impossible 4

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor has been signed to an important role in one of the biggest film series of Hollywood, Mission: Impossible 4 (MI4), according to media reports.
Mission: Impossible 4 will be filmed in Dubai among other cities.
Tom Cruise
Along with Anil Kapoor and Tom Cruise, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Michael Nykvist, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg are also said to be starring in the film.
The source said, "Anil got the confirmation this week that he's starring in MI4. Though his role is a tight secret at this point of time, it's an important one nonetheless.
MI4 adds another international feather to Anil's cap after he landed a role in Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire followed by US TV series 24, one of the most watched television series in USA.

Anil Kapoor said: "At this point of time, I can only say that I have been contacted for Mission Impossible 4 and I have said yes to the role."
Sources said that the actor has been asked to be tight-lipped about the role by the Hollywood studio.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why So Sad....

Why So Sad....

Why so sad....
High expectations, high hope.....
Listen young, listen close......
Said I will, said I shall......
Life is not what, life is not how.....
Why so sad.......
I was up, I was high....
I had joy, I had hope....
Where to now, what to do....
Life goes on, life cannot stand still.....

Why so sad.....
To myself, to my own....
Solitary me, sorrow me...
Shameful me, hurting me....
Why so deep, why so blunt...

Why so sad......
Where is hope, where is joy....
Where is light, why so dark....
Why so silent, why my heart...
What went wrong, why so cruel...

Why so sad.....

Look high up, look beyond.....
Look for joy, look for hope.....
Find the hope, find the joy....
Find the peace, find the strength...

Why so sad....

Hope today, hope beyond....

Hope on give, hope on learn...
Hope on pure, hope on love...
Hope on young, hope on new...

Written by Apharock

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today is the worst day on the road if you are in PJ. Every road is snarled with traffic. Worst of all, the usual inconsiderate motorist are at their worst during these times.
What day is it today that everybody decide to go out on the road. Can't they just stay in the office and work and be productive.
It seems the bad jive is out. Even people are walking on the car path......what's wrong with walking at the pavement.
Is there someday like this where the bad jive collides to make driving hell?
Everybody seems to be in such stress. Is it the exam week? Are all the parents out there fetching their kids from school?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lady Gaga and Yoko Ono - The Sun is Down - A bad video take

Only suitable for Lady Gaga fans. A bad video take of Lady Gaga performing with Yoko Ono for Plastic Ono Band tribute concert.

You can see her transparent dress but no shots of her butt so sorry for those waiting for that. See Apharock's previous post if you can't get enough of her butt.

Credits to : YouTube Uploader

Compiled by Apharock

Monday, October 4, 2010

Readers Discretion Adviced: Go Gaga with Lady Gaga's Tranparent Pants

Lady Gaga took the stage with Yoko Ono on Saturday night, and the pop star gave the crowd much more to admire than the duo's famous faces.
Gaga, 24, dressed in an outrageous bedazzled one-piece jumpsuit to join forces with Ono's "We Are Plastic Plastic Ono Band."
The singer's outfit deliberately flaunted her rear end, covered only by sheer panels of fabric and a smattering of crystals.

Lady Gaga exposing her rear end
I guess she save some money from buying underpants. Please don't wear this to work or college.

Compiled by Apharock

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Good luck to all third formers sitting for PMR Exams on Tuesday 5th October.

Stay cool and relax and remember to smile and the papers will smile at you.

Rest well and stay healthy and have confidence in yourself. And whatever happens, do your best and be happy.

Here is something to keep you steady and calm for the exams. 

Credits to: YouTube Uploader

Compile by Apharock


Apharock is starting a new category called Featured Music Video of the Month. In this category Apharock will feature his favourite music video.

Apharock listens to these music videos when researching for his term papers.

This is Apharock's Featured Music Video of the month of October -

B.o.B - Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

 Credits to: YouTube Uploader


Saturday, October 2, 2010


Who is like me tonite and didn't get a pair of invites to the Luna Party? Let's share together coz I am so lonely.

Why, because my daughter got a pair of invites and my wife gets to go instead. A girls nite out and left me all alone here.

Anyway, to remind me what I am missing I am putting the images of the party here again.
Now you know why my wife is going instead of me. It's Jojo after all.

Luna Bar in the sky: I would have enjoyed a drink overlooking the skyline of KL.
Luna Bar in the sky: What a relaxing time I would have had.....missed.
Luna Bar in the sky: They knew I would have pushed the winner into the pool or possibly jump in myself.
For those guys who got invited, please share your post with us. I really want to feel more miserable by looking at your wonderful pictures and seeing how you all enjoyed yourself without me.

Rantings by Apharock.

Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

DiGi iPhone 4 Life - Apharock's Life
Apharock in 1964: Apharock in diapers looking for the DiGi iPhone 4?
Apharock in 1966: Weeee, I'm going to get a DiGi  iPhone 4 in 2010
Apharock in 1969: Apharock looking for the DiGi iPhone 4 on Satok bridge.
Apharock in 1971: DiGi iPhone 4 with 70's design?
Apharock in 1972: This big fish didn't get away, will the DiGi iPhone 4?
Apharock in 1974: Close your mouth Apharock, you haven't won the DiGi iPhone 4 yet & wear your shirt.
Apharock in 1981: What huge glasses you have Apharock, a DiGi iPhone 4 will go nicely with that.
Apharock in 1985: With your girl in Wave rock and looking bored? No DiGi iPhone 4 leh.
Apharock in 1991: His big day would be really complete with a DiGi iPhone 4.
Apharock in 1993: 4 generation of Apharock's. Hmmm DiGi iPhone 4 would be nice too.
Apharock in 2009: Thanks for the birthday gifts guys, I love you, but is there by any chance a DiGi iPhone 4 in there?
Apharock in 2010: DiGi iPhone 4 Life, Apharock's life.
Thanks DiGi, thanks Nuffnang.

DiGi iPhone 4 Life, created by Apharock.

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