Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today is the worst day on the road if you are in PJ. Every road is snarled with traffic. Worst of all, the usual inconsiderate motorist are at their worst during these times.
What day is it today that everybody decide to go out on the road. Can't they just stay in the office and work and be productive.
It seems the bad jive is out. Even people are walking on the car path......what's wrong with walking at the pavement.
Is there someday like this where the bad jive collides to make driving hell?
Everybody seems to be in such stress. Is it the exam week? Are all the parents out there fetching their kids from school?

I am glad I finally reach home. I guess when you have a bad day, you have a bad day and nothing seems to go your way. It seems like a dark cloud just hang over your head and you have a personal dark rain cloud that pours rain on your head. Ever watch a cartoon like that? I wish that personal rain cloud would go away. I have never written like this before. I have never used my blog as my personal psychologist. Every time I see a blog such as this one I am writing, I always think that people believe that the blog is their personal psychiatrist. Today, I am using my blog as my personal psychiatrist and my blog post as my psychiatry session.

With this kind of mood and bad jive the only safe people to talk to is to the readers. Can you feel my pain.
I am also stressed from my term paper. So why do motorist have to add to this stress level. 3rd formers are having their PMR so why do motorist have to stress them out instead of letting them relax after a hard day in the exam hall? Parents are stressed from their kids having stressed and so why does motorist have to add on to that stress level.
I had to experience it three times today. Fetch my daughter at 12pm from school after her morning PMR paper, stuck in traffic snarl. Bring her back to school at 2pm for her afternoon history paper, stuck in traffic. Brought my elder daughter back from school after her form 5 trials, stuck in traffic. The worst of them all was when I went and pick my daughter up at 4pm after her history paper, the traffic got worst. I wish you motorist good luck when you are rushing hoem tonight after work.
However, please remember one thing when you are on the road, others are trying to get home or get somewhere too. Please be courteous on the road and not stressed other motorist up. There is too much stress already. And pedestrian, please walk at the sidewalk or pavement. You don't want to get knock down, do you.
Now I have to look for some papaya to eat as papaya is known to lower stress level. Luckily tomorrow, no PMR paper and no trial exam, no traffic snarl. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I like traffic but only if it traffic to my blog not the road. I don't mind traffic jam at my blog. Why don't all the traffic come to my blog instead of the road? Why don't people just stay at their office or at home and get to their computer and create traffic to my blog and keep the traffic away from the roads. That will be the solution to save the earth from carbon emission.



  1. Your blog is not holding the PMR exam. It does not lead to the bank nor the restaurant, that's why. But it's a comfortable place to chat. Where's my coffee? :)

  2. juz relax~~always stress get old easily~~
    this few days driving oso traffic jam~~nerve-wrecking, but wat to do~ juz hv to find the zen mode in u^^


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