Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

DiGi iPhone 4 Life - Apharock's Life
Apharock in 1964: Apharock in diapers looking for the DiGi iPhone 4?
Apharock in 1966: Weeee, I'm going to get a DiGi  iPhone 4 in 2010
Apharock in 1969: Apharock looking for the DiGi iPhone 4 on Satok bridge.
Apharock in 1971: DiGi iPhone 4 with 70's design?
Apharock in 1972: This big fish didn't get away, will the DiGi iPhone 4?
Apharock in 1974: Close your mouth Apharock, you haven't won the DiGi iPhone 4 yet & wear your shirt.
Apharock in 1981: What huge glasses you have Apharock, a DiGi iPhone 4 will go nicely with that.
Apharock in 1985: With your girl in Wave rock and looking bored? No DiGi iPhone 4 leh.
Apharock in 1991: His big day would be really complete with a DiGi iPhone 4.
Apharock in 1993: 4 generation of Apharock's. Hmmm DiGi iPhone 4 would be nice too.
Apharock in 2009: Thanks for the birthday gifts guys, I love you, but is there by any chance a DiGi iPhone 4 in there?
Apharock in 2010: DiGi iPhone 4 Life, Apharock's life.
Thanks DiGi, thanks Nuffnang.

DiGi iPhone 4 Life, created by Apharock.


  1. Wow! This is a great post. Enjoy admiring your childhood photos. Oklah! Let you win. :)

  2. wow,truly a iphone 4 fan...from childhood to adult!!

  3. I like it, I like it! Nice post, nice post! Better than mine this time :)


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