Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am a glutton for leftovers

You cannot blame me for what I am. When I was young during the 70’s, yes, when bell bottoms was a fad and mini-skirts was a hit, I was taught by my mum not to waste food. Yes, eat every bit of food in your plate and on the table not to be wasted. “Apha, eat all your food” said mum, “there are people who are starving and have nothing to eat” mum continued, “eat it all up and don’t waste food” she huffed.

Well, you can imagine what sort of image that created in my mind. Poor me, till today I certainly could not forget those words and that’s why I am sharing this today. “When organic food ends up in landfills, it breaks down ever so slowly and releases polluting leachate and the greenhouse gas, methane” (The Star, 5 Jan 2010).

I certainly do not contribute much to greenhouse gas coz not much leftovers except for bones and skins get left behind. I have the habit of keeping unfinished food and not throwing them away. With modern refrigeration, it doesn’t go bad to be worried about food poisoning. It actually becomes my breakfast meal the next day. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to prevent green house effect but only that my mothers’ words are still ringing in my ear after all these years that made me a glutton for leftovers.

Reaching out from behind the rocks
 Apha Rock

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