Saturday, August 14, 2010

My parenting skills not getting better.

When I was a young parent, I always wanted to give everything to my kids. I fed them whatever they like. And guess what kids like, yes you guess it, fast food joint, ice creams, chocolate, things that is bad for you. I bought them toys or whatever fancy's them when we are out in the shopping malls. 

Why, you ask did I do that? As I was growing up, I only got presents during my birthday and Christmas and nothing else in-between. So, I thought to myself, hey, why not give my kids whatever they want so that they feel fulfilled. Was I unfulfilled, when I was growing up? Come to think of it, no. Maybe I was materially unsatisfied; all the toys my parents could have bought for me and think of all the fun I would have. So, I thought, let's give my kids whatever they want so they can have all the fun and say what a nice dad I have buying me whatever I want. As they grew older, I realised they were getting spoilt and not appreciating all the gifts and toys that they have. It is always strewn across the floor and someone has to pickup after them.

I cannot remember what year it was now and what prompted me to do so but one day I declared to aloud to them that from this year forth, there will be no presents from me to you for birthdays and Christmas. That was harsh but I felt that we had to go back to the basic life not surrounded by material things. Of course, they still receive gifts and presents from relatives during their birthdays and Christmas but not from me. I will only buy practical things for them, not toys or gifts that had no practical use. As years went by, I am not sure whether it made them better people appreciative of the things that they have but I felt I did the right thing. 

 Anyways, the food I mentioned earlier, well, they grew to be obese children and that I definitely have to be blamed for. I am sure they are blaming me now though they enjoyed it while they were younger. But parents should know better than to feed their kids with junk food. Of course, being a teenager now, my children are eating right but no thanks to me. Of course, now that they are teenagers, a whole new set of parenting skills I have to acquire and I do not think my parenting skills are getting any better.

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