Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know when you are getting old.

When do we know we are getting old? What I mean here is not the general sense of growing old, that is, when we are retired and on a walking stick. What I am pondering is in a family unit. Remember the days when you and your spouse as a couple having children after they getting married. You feed and nurture their child with nourishment of both body and the mind. Then you teach them the ways of life, the rights and wrong. You know how young Jimmy was always so inquisitive and ask "Mummy, mummy, mummy...daddy, daddy, daddy,... why, why, why, or how, how, how?" 

We were showing them the ways and imparting our knowledge and wisdom to them. Technology, the internet, and the advent of social networking sites have created an abundance of "new knowledge". And there are many baby boomers like me are now learning the ways of the young. 

I am now asking my 17 year daughter to show me how to start a blog of my own. Yesterday, when I was eating breakfast, it dawn upon me that I was the one asking those questions. And those questions was, "mimi dear, why, why,, how, how?" It hit me there and then, at that very moment that I began to realize that the torch has been passed and that, I was getting old. 



  1. all the best with he blog.. in the blogging scene, if doesnt make anyone older.. just more experienced.. same goes to life.. but yeah, our age increases =)

  2. Thanks Ken for the encouragement.

  3. Wow, I wish you all the best in blogging too~ Do share your thoughts with the world^^ and have a nice day~ :D

  4. Btw, I live to eat! I love food very much~ lols XP


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