Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was another lazy Sunday afternoon for me. It is not unlike any other Sunday's though. I wish I could laze in the pool under the coconut tree but that was last week when we were at Cherating. My wife prepared lunch, not bad for her first try at spaghetti olio and chicken parmigiana.

Photos: Apharock Chicken Parmigiana with cheese on the oven grill
Photos: Apharock Grilled chicken parmigiana with more parmesan cheese on top of the melted mozarella cheese
Photos: Apharock Chicken parmigiana served with spaghetti olio. A perfect Sunday lunch.

Photos: Food & Tea Hong Kong cafe @ Tropicana City Mall 1st Floor
Photos: Nice comfy chairs to chit chat or just chill

Photos: Lemon Juice to cool you down

Photos: Apharock strawberry slush
Photos: Playing PSP FIFA World Cup on comfy chairs

Photos: Hong Kong waterfront view photo to make you feel at home in a Hong Kong style cafe.
Another lazy Sunday afternoon, Compiled by AphaRock

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