Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today we celebrate a festival popularly known in Malaysia as Mooncake Festival. It is also known as Mid-Autumn festivals for countries that has four seasons. We here in Malaysia only have summer all year round, so mooncake festival it is.

Most years as far as I know the moon is covered by the clouds and today it was pouring and again the moon is hiding herself. But it would not be a mooncake festival post if I don't at least insert an image of the moon so here it is.

Full moon sitting on top the Tokyo Tower, Japan

I took this photo the last time I visited Tokyo Tower and it was a perfect moonlit might with the moon sitting right perfectly on top the Tokyo Tower.

Mooncake festival must of course have mooncake. It come in all sorts of packaging and I think the packaging cost more than the cake themselves.

Mooncake packages
Lotus with single egg yolk mooncake
Mocha mooncake

You have all sorts of typesof moon cake and the above pictures I have shown two types. For the children, the best time of the mooncake festival is the lantern playing time.

Lantern set up
The whole neighbourhood join in the fun
Lantern strung up on bushes
Traditional lanterns are still the best
Even if you don't celebrate mooncake festival, take your partner's hand and go for a romantic stroll under the full moon.

Happy Mooncake Festival to all from Apharock.

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  1. Happy Mooncake Festival Day! I received one box from the owner of the lost dog. Haha!


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