Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

When I travel to Paris I usually book into good hotels, 5 star hotels at least. I especially like the Hilton which is located at a strategic position.

After a whole day business meetings with client I will go for a swim in Paris Hilton. The pool is nice and warm and I love to lay there by the poolside and then read through my favourite news.

Luckily for me, my iPhone 4 has the cool apps: Entertainment Tonight - ET

iPhone 4 ET apps
I can keep up with today’s hottest celebrities using Entertainment Tonight. Get the latest news and gain access to set visits, upcoming projects, and have one-on-one interviews with my favorite stars.

I can keep updated on what's happening with Paris Hilton. She's hot!

iPhone 4 ET view

Too bad she canceled her trip to Malaysia.

At least I can still keep track of the Hollywood happenings from my iPhone 4. What will I do without the iPhone 4 ET - Entertainment tonight apps. So hot!!

iPhone 4
Thanks DiGi for the phone. You're so hot!

DiGi iPhone 4 Play, written by Apharock

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  1. You deserve a Digi iphone4!!! Looks as hot as you.


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