Friday, September 3, 2010


This a first post of my daily life. I thought I'd share this with my readers to reveal a little about who I am as a blogger.

This my workplace or blogger area. Well, I am pretty well equipped with my desktop, notebook, printer, phone and HDD backup drive. I almost lose everything before due to virus attack but luckily my data was back-up, though I lost one month of work as it was only backed-up once a month, lesson learned.

This is what I see everyday, my empty lounge on my right. The only view of the outside world is only from my balcony door. No other soul in the house in the mornings. In the afternoon, my noisy kids will be back from school. Aaah, maybe this is better.

This is the backview of my "office". Family photos to remind me, there are still people living here. a bit blurr though. It was not my camera. Borrowed my daughters camera while she is in school so not very good at using it.

A closer look at my "desk" reveal that I am a multi-tasking blogger and that explains why I need a PC and a notebook.

My PC is where I earn my living or at least trying to. I am a day trader. I trade stocks on the KualaLumpur Stock exchange via  itradecimb online trading platform.

The notebook is where I blog. I try to blog at least once a day as it is difficult to prepare a blog-post but much more satisfying  for me personally than trading the share market. Stock market trading is stressful stuff.

 Then, finally from my workdesk, my study work. Yes, this is the hardest of them all. Assignments for my MBA course from University of Southern Queensland via Segi University College takes up most of my days, nights and weekends. However, it gives me tonnes of materials which I have been and will share with my readers. What will I do after my MBA, I'll cross that bridge first before I decide. I have enough on my hands right now.

I hope you have enjoyed a quick brief through a Multitasking Life of a Blogger.

Watch out for the next personal topic, "A House husband, life after the corpo(rat)e world". 



  1. Firstly, it is very impressive to u hv to use both laptop and desktop at the same time(But, isn't it a bit not good to health?) Hahaha, u r a house husband @@ That is so cool!~~U r also a keen learner too~~~

    A very good multitasking blogger indeed.

  2. Thanks, I must admit I am getting unhealthy sitting there the whole day.


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