Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 me

Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi?

Who doesn't want an iPhone 4. Free from DiGi, of course I want.

Look at my old phone. Don't get me wrong. It serve me well for 3 years, still has a 2 megapixel camera. Lost the cable though long time ago so cannot download any pictures taken.

Good ole buddy
Look at that poor phone, the screen coming out. Compare to this below.
iPhone 4
What.., are you kidding me. You beauty. Sorry ole buddy, I have to say goodbye.

I especially love the camera of the iPhone 4.
iPhone 4 with 5 megapixels in-built camera
You betcha, I don't have to fork our RM2xxx for a DSLR. The 5-megapixel camera built into iPhone 4 — with optional HDR setting — captures amazingly detailed images. A built-in LED flash illuminates low-light scenes. And the 5x digital zoom gets me closer to the action. I will never miss another photo opportunity. I can even shoot self-portraits with the front camera.

And what about apps?
iPhone 4 Apps: iBooks
I absolute desire the iPhone 4 for the apps: iBooks. I can download now and its free. I can read my favorite books anywhere. On iPhone 4, the high-resolution Retina display renders every page beautifully. Vibrant colors, rich illustrations, and crisp, sharp text make reading a pleasure.
iPhone 4 iBooks supports PDF format

iBooks also supports PDFs, so I can sync my reference papers in PDFs and read them using iBooks.

I could continue with a long list of iPhone features and Apps that has me drooling but "iPhone 4", "you got me at camera and iBooks".

Written by, Apharock


  1. I need it more than you do. Just dropped my phone. There is a crack on the screen.


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