Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

I dislike dry skin especially my dry skin on my legs and hands.

Hey I don't want my skin to feel like this crinkly stuff. It doesn't smell, thank goodness but it does itch when it is dry and my wife would not dare get near me let alone touch my skin. That is horrible.

Don't think I was not using any moisturiser. Maybe not mine, but I do secretly use my wife's moisturiser. Let me tell you, not one but a dozen of them. Somehow, it doesn't work for my skin.

Maybe I should throw them away, but then my wife would know that I have been using them and now throwing them away too.

Well, what do you know,I saw an ad on my blog.

It was a Nuffnang ad from Vaseline with the question "Are you moist enough?".

It was an ad on their range of skin moisturizer including Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh. It asked me to scratch my skin to see whether it leaves a scratch mark. I don't have to tell you how much scratch my skin had after a scratch.

My skin before I went out to buy me a bottle of the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion for RM12.90 at the local pharmacy. Help, my skin needs rescue immediately.

Apply the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion on my dry skin.

Rub the Vaseline lotion all over my arm.

Almost immediately I can see the moistness and feel the cool smoothing Intensive Rescue lotion on my hand. See the difference yourself and this is only after one application.

It was worth the money and my skin feels good. I am happy and so does my wife.Why it is she who is now secretly using my Vaseline Intensive Rescue, don't think I don't know :-)

Well what do you know, it gets better. If I can tell them – Are You Moist Enough? – in the most creative way possible, I could win invites to the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party, exclusively for Nuffnangers! Woo hoo, I love it.

Of course my submitted blog post have to be one of 75 best written blog posts and I will win a pair of invites to the poolside party at Luna Bar.

I hope so, coz I am going to meet and listen to these fabulous artistes in person. Like Wow.

It gets better. Look at the prizes below for the best written posts.

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + Vaseline products

During the party itself, there’ll be prizes for games and lucky draws too! I hope to be there with body covered in Vaseline body lotion to look absolutely glowing at the party, but maybe I could pose as a female because the female blogger with “The Most Vibrant Skin” will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000!

Details of the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline party are as below:
Date: 2 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: Luna Bar
Dress Code: Green, Yellow, Pink or White (Killer heels are optional; elegance is a must – it’s the cocktail party of the year!)

So Nuffnagers, don't forget to put your post in before the dateline or I will surely win them all, yeah!

Special thanks to and Vaseline for organising this contest. You truly gave us the best blogging community in Asia Pacific.


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