Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramadhan Bazaar Pasar Balok near Cherating

In the evening in Cherating instead of having dinner in the hotel we thought that we'd explore the many Ramadhan Bazaar in Cherating that had sprouted due to the Ramadhan period.

This Bazzar which we chance upon is about 10 minutes drive from Holiday Villa Cherating. It is located in Pasar Balok next to Sungai Balok.

A RM2.00 murtabak.

The giant size murtabak is priced at RM6.00, and I mean huge.

We have the Ayam Percik in KL and Perak and in Cherating, they have the Ayam Golek. This Ayam Golek is ala Thai and priced at RM18 each.

This is the Ayam Golek Madu (Honey) roasting on hot charcoal. The smell could drive you nuts.

This is bizzare food for some;grilled  bishop's nose, buntut ayam or kai put and grilled hati ayam or chicken heart. Very yummy I assure you but we passed this time round.

And lots of local spicy delicacies.

Our collection of food for dinner from the Ramadhan Bazaar Pasar Balok.

RM3.00 murtabak that had onion, potatoes and huge chunks of chicken meat. Two huge chilli squid at RM7.00.

Gulai Nanas (Spicy Pineapple) at RM2.00 and Nasi Merdeka (Independence Rice) at RM4.00 which comes with a huge portion of yummy grilled spiced chicken meat.

RM1.50 worth of fried noodle.

And finally, Nasi Dagang with Beef Rendang @ RM3.50 (not a typo, very cheap) and grilled honey chicken pieces at RM2.00.

Total dinner cost RM23.00; cheap, delicious and very satisfying...buuurpp. Excuse me.

If you are down here in Cherating this week for the holidays before Raya, do check out the Ramadhan Bazzar Pasar Balok near Cherating. 

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  1. Apharock, These food are really making me hungry. I wish I could taste it. :)


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