Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model Finale - Announced Winner Blunder

Australia's Next Top Model Finale - Announced winner blunder by the host Sarah Murdoch. After congratulating the "winner" 19 year old Kelsey Martinovich and giving encouragement to the "runner-up" Amanda Ware, Sarah after receiving word from control over her ear-piece began to look shocked and begun muttering apologies.
After repeatedly saying "sorry", "sorry" she revealed that she had made a mistake and that Amanda was the winner of Australia's Next Top Model.
Sarah's humility in making a live-on-air mistake, Kelsey's humbleness in accepting the mistake graciously and Amanda's lighthearted reaction and candid acceptance speech make this for me, Australia's Next Top Model real and a most humbling experience.
I must admit I was never keen on the top model series but now after watching the Australia's Next Top Model Finale, I am a converted fan.
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  1. What a scene that must have been. Well, to err is human.


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