Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today, made a trip with the family to Cherating Beach Pahang, which is around 30km away from Kuantan.

Ha ha, when I travel with my two daughters, son and my wife, it seems even for a trip from PJ to Cherating for 4days 3 nights seems line a picnic and two weeks of clothes packed.

The car is totally packed. I'm glad I have an Alza, everything can go in, no problem.

Staying in Holiday Villa Cherating, which is our first time. Booked a family type room which comes with a lounge area. Notice the lounge chair can double up as a pull out double deck twin bed. Not bad.

It also has a dining table and chairs. On the right you may notice a kitchen sink for washing. Means can "ta pau" and eat-in. I like.

Two rooms, one with two singles and the other a queen bed. With the pull-out bed in the lounge, six people can stay in this family room.

Checking out the pool. Still deserted at this time. We are probably the first to arrive beating the Raya rush to this spot. I understand that next week is fully booked.

Seem pretty lonely though. But we have the place all to ourselves at least for today.

Even the beach is empty. Nice, the sand is so smooth and clear. It was a nice warm day. Not too hot and the South China Sea is calm with only small waves. No ships on the horizon so you can imagine how clean the water is.

I even get to use the hammock. You know I haven't sat on one for years because there is always some bum on it. Ha ha, today I am the bum. Quite a sexy pose, don't you agree, heh heh.

A small crab is seen out of its sand pit as there is no one to scare it except us. Notice the horse shoe mark on its shell.

Now notice a horse shoe print mark on the sand. What coincidence. Is this double horse shoe sighting a lucky sign for us. Pray so.

With that, I end my post on a Holiday Trip to Holiday Villa Cherating First Day.


  1. i wish i was there, so beautiful :x

  2. I wish I was there too! but its not possible to be at two place at the same time :( I like the pictures, who took them??? Daddy so sexy in the hammock :)

  3. Wow, that's a great trip. Glad you enjoyed it. Do add yourself to Holiday Villa's Fan page. We are currently running a Video Competition where you can win trips to Vietnam and Paris. Check out the website for more details at


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